Working principle of anti mosquito gate

2021-08-23 483

  In the hot summer, there are more and more mosquitoes. Whether at home or out, people have a painful experience of being bitten and sucking blood by mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are so itchy that people can't sleep well. As long as mosquitoes don't go, the human mosquito war will take turns. So how should we prevent mosquitoes from biting and spreading diseases? We need our Jiangmen mosquito gate here!

  The principle of the anti mosquito gate is that a one-way movable gate plate is installed at the inlet of the sewer; When there is no drainage, the water outlet can be closed to avoid mosquitoes laying eggs in the water, and whether twins such as beetles and mice can enter or leave, so as to reduce the annoyance of these harmful animals to residents or residential areas.


  In case of rainstorm, under the scouring of the gravity and impulse of rainwater, the anti mosquito gate will actively open the gate plate to allow the rainwater to be discharged in time, which will not have a great impact on the drainage in flood season. The anti mosquito gate is of great significance for the establishment of a national sanitary city, which must be qualified in rodent and mosquito control.

  Although the anti mosquito gate has so many advantages, few people know and understand it, and it is still not widely used. If it has not been used in your city, get to know it quickly!

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