How to maintain bar chair accessories?

2021-08-23 518

  The bar counter is the working area where the bar provides drinks and other services to guests. It is the central part of the bar. It comes from Internet cafes, bars and other places with the word "bar", representing these local general service areas or cashier. It is also used to represent the general service desk of some modern entertainment and leisure service places such as restaurants and hotels. Now it also has many applications near some families. Long term use needs to be cleaned up, so how to clean up? Let's learn about Jiangmen bar chair accessories.

  First, bars are usually made of marble and hardwood. If you pour the wine on the counter or leave a stain, it will form a hard stain if it is not handled in time. Therefore, it must be wiped off immediately with a towel. Assuming that it has been a period of time and has formed a hard block, please scrub it with a wet towel, then spray and scrub it with detergent until all the stains disappear. If it is a wooden bar, please be careful not to put wet rags and corrosive liquids on it. After cleaning, it is recommended to spray or rub a layer of maintenance agent. If there is more dirt, you can use diluted neutral detergent to scrub with warm water. Do not leave water stains after.

  The above is the cleaning and maintenance skills introduced by Jiangmen bar chair accessories for us. We hope they can help us.

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