How to eliminate small flying insects in small waterways?

2021-08-23 561

  With the advent of summer, the temperature is getting higher and higher. Many people's bathroom sewers often send out peculiar smell and small flying insects, which makes people very annoyed. Now share with us a move. Pour a bowl in the sewer. He can easily remove small flying insects and have a look together.

  1、 We prepare a bowl, pour in an appropriate amount of baking soda, and then drop in two drops of detergent. After all, it will boil with boiling water. We mix it with chopsticks until it is completely dissolved.


  2、 We pour the prepared solution directly into the sewer. Because baking soda is alkaline, it can not only kill insect eggs, but also decontaminate very well. Because detergent can clean oil stains, then we pour an appropriate amount of white vinegar.

  3、 White vinegar with baking soda. The function of removing peculiar smell is doubled. After all, we pour boiling water and wash away all the dirty things in the pipeline. If we tidy up on time, there will be no peculiar smell in the bathroom for a year and will not breed small flying insects.

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