What should be noted when designing a bar chair accessory

2023-10-07 200

Scale: When planning and producing bar chair accessories, it is necessary to consider whether their scale matches the size of the bar chair and whether it conforms to ergonomics, ensuring that users can comfortably sit on the bar chair.

Quality: The quality of bar chair accessories is another important consideration factor. To ensure practicality and not easily damaged, in order to maintain a long-term service life.


Protection: Considering the characteristics of the bar environment, attention should be paid to protection in the planning of bar chair accessories. For example, sharp edges or flammable materials should be avoided to ensure user protection.

Style and Planning: The planning of bar chair accessories should be in harmony with the planning style of the bar chair itself and the overall style of the bar. Whether it is modern simplicity, retro style, or industrial style, it should be reflected in the planning.

Detachability and Maintainability: Considering the needs of cleaning and maintenance, the planning of bar chair accessories should be easy to disassemble and assemble. This also helps to replace when needed.

Color and raw materials: The color of the bar chair accessories should be harmonious with the color of the bar chair itself and other furniture, and also take into account the user experience, such as whether it feels cold in winter.

Article source: Jiangmen Bar Chair Accessories Www.jmqiangshun.com